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Our New Find, a Friedrich Mauthe Zodiac Clock

Friedrich, Mauthe, Zodiac, Clock

Our brass Friedrich Mauthe zodiac clock

I wish I understood my obsession with vintage clocks. It's not like they keep me rooted in day to day reality by dictating when I should work, eat, sleep, and play. Not one clock in my collection is plugged in or wound. But when I spot a ticker that I find striking, I can hear it's numbered face call out, "buy me!".

The latest addition to my collection is a metal zodiac wall clock by Friedrich MautheInformationHistoryFriedrich Mauthe, Germany
June 02, 1822 - February 02, 1884
Started as a general supplier for clockmakers tools and equipment. Mauthe accepted clocks on a barter system. As the demand for clocks grew, Mauthe started his own manufacturing enterprise in 1876. His sons Christian and Jacob joined the family enterprise in 1876.
, a manufacturer I knew very little about until after I made my purchase. The Mauthe factory was in located Schwenningen, Germany and was in operation from 1870 to 1976. The company had a booming pre-war business. They supplied 60% of the German clocks exported to the UK.

An appraiser dated my piece to sometime between 1940 and 1950. Originally, I thought the clock was heavily oxidized but the appraiser explained that the clock's metal body was painted black so it would have an ebonized / dark bronze effect. I was thrilled to discover that upon a rarity scale of 1-5 this clock comes in at a 3 (with 5 meaning extremely rare). In it's current condition (I don't have the clock key and the mechanism may need an overhaul) the piece is valued at $300. Now does anyone know where I can locate a key that will wind this baby up? I am curious to see if this ticker still works.