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Coming Soon: Flea Quest Nationwide Vintage Guide

Ki Nassauer, the Editor-n-Chief of Flea Market Style, and her swat team of vintage experts are putting together FleaQuest, a comprehensive nationwide directory to help retrophiles like us find the best vintage resources across the country. Once completed, this online resource will be free to those who register and only include legitimate vintage and antique destinations and dealers. Join the FleaQuest mailing list now so you will be in the know when the directory is complete.




Memorial Day Weekend: Flea Markets & Antique Shows

Most folks flock to the beach Memorial Day Weekend, but not us, we flea. Below are two shows a few hours outside of NYC we plan on visiting this holiday weekend.

Stormville Antique Show, Stormville Flea Market

Stormville Antique Show & Flea Market c2011

You have to walk through the contemporary flea market in order to get to the old stuff at Stormville Antique Show & Flea Market, but it is worth the hike. The event takes place for one weekend the following months: May, June, September, & October. Most believe that the May Stormville event has the best pickings. There is no admission, and parking is free. This is the place to score dusty finds and rusty gold. Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday 8 - 5, Sunday 8 -5. Held outdoors. 428 Route 216, Stormville, NY 12582

Last year we spent Memorial Day Weekend at the The Rhinebeck Antiques Fair, which is now in it's 36th year. You won’t find rusty gold at this event. The show is known for featuring outstanding folk art, Americana, and country finds, with a smattering of mid-century furniture and Asian inspired antiques. Since this is a retail show you won't find many stellar deals, but it is a fun event to window shop. At the very least, you will learn a few new things about American antiques. Afterwards, you can spend your money at one of the many local garage and yard sales in the area. Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday 10-5 , Sunday 11-4. Held Entirely Indoors, Rain or Shine Dutchess County Fairgrounds Route 9, Rhinebeck, New York. Admission: $10 for adults & children under 12 are free.

Rhinebeck Antiques Fair 2011

Rhinebeck Antiques Fair c2011

Rhinebeck Antiques Fair c2011

Below is a list of other fabulous fleas happening across the country this Memorial Day Weekend. We wish we had wings so we could attend all of them.

Have a flea you wish to share? Leave it in the comments below!


Repurposed Vintage Monday: Stuff We Spotted on Etsy 

Etsy rules. Sure we all like to poke fun of the site (hello Regretsy), but it is stuff like the following that keeps us coming back to the online marketplace on a regular basis.

ReAcoustic.com,iphone Vintage Gramophone

ReAcoustic's Vintage Gramophone

Yes, it is possible to hear contemporary tunes played on a vintage gramophone, or at least through its horn. ReAcoustic has unplugged the traditional music dock by creating acoustic speakers for modern music devices without the use of batteries or electricity. Simply place your iPhone in the slot to hear your tunes in living vintage sound.

I heart this vintage wooden crate pet feeder. First is it elevated so it is not just sitting parked on the floor. Next it does double duty as a puppy toy box. Just open the top to store a few of your pet's items. Lastly, the wood is treated with a non toxic water resistant coating that protects the crate's paint and patina.

Dog Bowl

Shabby Chic Vintage Dog Bowl

Shabby Chic Vintage Dog Bowl
Victorian water heater stand table

Victorian water heater stand table

I am a sucker for vintage cast iron so the moment I saw this repurposed Victorian water heater stand table, my heart went pitter pat. This freshly painted item is beautifully detailed and is marked, "Monitor Iron Works, NY". Table Measures 22.25 inches tall and the top has an 18 inch radius.


Brimfield Dealer Spotlight: Totally Bruce

Last September, during our pilgrimage to Brimfield Antique Show, we met Chris Goodman, the man behind the company "Totally Bruce" from Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately, we found his booth towards the end of the show so his makeshift shop was almost picked clean. However, we loved what was left and I am still kicking myself for not making an offer on the black bull or clay like head shown in the images above.

So why did a man named Chris dub his business after someone called Bruce? As the story goes, Goodman found a handmade leather belt buckle at a garage sale that said, "Bruce". He started wearing it all the time and eventually adopted the name when referring to himself.

We are hoping that "Totally Bruce", will be at next week's show, because this time we plan to visit his booth the first day of the weeklong event.


Top 20 Antiques & Collectibles 2012

Collectors should buy what they love but if you are wondering if the stuff you heart is considered a hot ticket right now, internet antique retailer TIAS.com may have a few hints for you.

Vintage Photos are hot right now

Today the site released their list of the top 20 categories of antiques & collectibles that sold online in February of 2012. The list is not based on volume sold but the total dollar value of items in each category. For those not in the know, TIAS lists over 600,000 items for sale online and serves approximately 700,000 unique visitors each month. About 400 merchants sell through the TIAS system.

The top three items are Vintage Jewelry, Porcelain & Pottery, and Glass. We were pretty excited about the 9th and 10th items on the list: Kitchen Collectibles and Photographica.

Texaco Vintage Ad

Texaco Vintage Ad

Vintage Chandelier Light Fixture

Vintage Chandelier Light Fixture