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Vintage Furniture DIY Round-Up: Chair Makeovers

DIY Chair, Vintage 1982 Steelcase Chairs

Vintage 1982 Steelcase Chairs

Vintage 1982 Steelcase Chairs
Here are a few DIY projects worthy of any vintage lover’s keister. First up is a Steelcase chair makeover. I am a huge fan of vintage Steelcase items, especially chairs. Even so, sometimes old seating needs to be freshened up. “How About Orange” spruced up a pair of 1982 Steelcase chairs by reupholstering each item in a funky wood grain patterned fabric. For step by step instructions, please go to their website.
DIY Chair, Mayamade, Magazine Chair

Mayamade's Small Magazine Chair

Mayamade's Small Magazine Chair
"Maya Made" gave new life to a chair that looked like it spent the last 30 years in the waiting room of a dental office. She updated the once dowdy seat with fresh fabric that included a graphic print she created by hand. The result is playful chair that begs to be sat in.
DIY Chair, Reimagined Chair, chair and Decorative Knobs

Reimagined Chair with Decorative Knobs

Reimagined Chair with Decorative Knobs

I love how “MSN Homes” (Left) converted an old wooden chair into a really cool accent piece by painting the item in contrasting colors. My favorite parts are the little yellow knobs that accent the top of the seat. It makes an otherwise boring piece of furniture a real eye catcher.

Every Monday Vintage and Flea will post a vintage furniture DIY round-up that we promise won't, well how do you say...ummm......suck. So stay tuned and if you have a project you want to submit for consideration:
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